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Romiley Board Mill

Market leaders in the manufacture and supply of solid board reels, cores and sheets
Unlined Chipboard, Cardboard Tubes, Cardboard Edge Protection, Cardboard Layer Pad, Cardboard Sheets, Cardboard Packaging

Romiley Board Mill is a privately owned Board Mill manufacturing Unlined Chipboard and a variety of integrated product ranges such as Cardboard Tubes, Cardboard Edge Protection, Cardboard Layer Pads, Cardboard Sheets and Cardboard Packaging. We have a thriving, varied and loyal customer base and our extensive product range can be found in some form or other throughout most walks of life.

Cardboard Tubes & Paper Cores

Tubes & Paper Cores

We are the largest independent UK manufacturer and suppliers of cardboard and paper cores and tubes. Our quality, service and lead times are second to none and our broad range of modern machinery allows us the flexibility to supply a full and extensive range of tube and core products.

Carboard Layer Pads

Cardboard Sheets & Layer Pads

Our sheeted board division is at the “cutting edge” of sheeted solid board and layer-pad manufacturing. Round cornered layer pads are our speciality, supplied to can, bottle and glass makers throughout the world.


Edge Protection

A full spectrum of “V” profile edge guards and edge protection are manufactured through multiple production lines at our Romiley site. All products are bespoke to the customers specification and supplied with the most competitive lead times.


Cardboard Reels

Our board machine produces in the region of 50,000 tonnes per annum of 100% recycled solid board and unlined chip board. We are perfectly located to offer the highest levels of service and the most competitive lead times throughout the UK and Northern Europe.

Romiley Board Mill Paper Tube Division has grown rapidly since the first line was introduced in 2002. We now operate 9 further production lines serving sectors including the Tapes and Labels market, Polythene Extrusion, Postal and Packaging Industries along with Paper Mill Cores, Textile Cores and Roller Blind Cores. We are currently the largest independent core and tube producing operation in the UK.
Our raw material is delivered to our production lines directly from the board mill operating on the same site. This is complemented by our high speed production operation and highly experienced team of staff.   This ensures our customers benefit not only from our quality and service but also enjoy some of the most competitive prices in the market place.

The Sheeted Board Division is situated within the 22-acre mill site it shares with the board machine. This enables us to offer competitive prices and lead times due to its proximity to the raw material supply.

Sheeted solid board is a flexible and versatile product and can be used in a number of applications;
CANNING AND BOTTLING, BOX MAKING, SLIP SHEETS, LAYER PADS – (Frequently becoming a far more economical alternative to corrugated layer pads), STATIONARY, BOOKBINDING, GIFT PRESENTATION,FURNITURE.

We are able to round corner (die-cut) sheets to various different radial cuts, most commonly 50mm and 70mm.

Romiley Edge protection is 100% recyclable, lightweight, strong and cost effective. The product can be finished with a printed liner for that perfect professional presentation. Romiley Edge can be made to any size and specification you require.

We offer quick leadtimes, at competitive prices. Our good can be delivered to anywhere within the UK.

The Board Machine is a multi-vat machine producing unlined chipboard (solid board) from 100% re-cycled waste paper. The machine produces over 50,000 tonnes of board per annum. A large percentage of this production is converted on site into cardboard tubes, cores, edge protection and sheets.

The remainder is supplied into a wide and enormously varied range of industries including food and beverage, box making, case divisions, tube winding, building supplies, furniture, cable reels, printing and many more.


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