Cardboard Planks That Look Like Wood

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How PESI’s cardboard planks look like wooden planks

Imagine if this picnic bench used cardboard planks? Image by Panda Vector (via Shutterstock).

Imagine if this was made from cardboard. PESI’s cardboard planks make for picnic tables that uncannily look like wooden ones. Image by Panda Vector (via Shutterstock).

Summertime is on its way. Usually, it is a chance to get the garden furniture out and entertain your friends. It is a good time for walking along the Peak Forest Canal, which Romiley Board Mill backs onto, or the Roman Lakes. At any point of your walk, you might want to stop for refreshments and find a picnic table. What if you second guess the picnic table then find it uses cardboard planks?

You would have been shocked to say the least. Cardboard planks for your next garden bench could be a lightweight alternative to resin chairs. A South Korean studio, DesignStudio PESI who are based in Seoul, have made that possible. Known as Lumber, they come in bright colours as a self-assembly kit. The cardboard is processed like rectangular lumber and fastened together with PVC bolts.

Eleven types of lumber can be assembled into six different configurations of height, length, and width. The cardboard planks resemble any flat pack furniture kit with its coloured foils (though on closer examination, the hollow lumber is a giveaway). As well as garden furniture, they are good for occasional use (table top sales for example). They come in bright blue, red, yellow, green and plain old cardboard brown colour options.

In the last two years, DesignStudio PESI have also used cardboard planks for a self-assembly chair. Both the chair and the picnic tables have been designed on behalf of Paper Pop. The South Korean company’s wares include cardboard bookcases, desk partitions, and desk tidies.

We think they look good, too. Perhaps as an occasional coffee table as well as patio furniture.

Romiley Board Mill, 26 May 2017.

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