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Shigeru Ban’s Cardboard Bridge

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How a cardboard bridge made of cardboard tubes has wowed visitors and got on well with its Roman neighbour nearby If you’re familiar with the south of France, you will have come across Le Pont du Gard. It is an iconic aqueduct which straddles the Gardon River. The structure dates from 50 AD, which makes […]

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Fast Food Packaging: Bad For Your Health?

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Could the chemicals used in cardboard fast food packaging be as bad for you as the contents? You’ve had a tiresome day at work and the last thing you want to do is cook. Being as it is a Friday, you consider the fried chicken shop or the chippy. The last thing you expect to […]

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Cardboard Photography In An Instant

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Cardboard instant photography possible thanks to Jollylook’s quirky instant camera The versatility of cardboard never ceases to amaze us. In technology, it is the core material for Google’s virtual reality system (combined with a suitable Android phone). Inspired aesthetically by Edwin Land’s original Polaroid camera (as seen on Toy Story), Jollylook has brought cardboard instant […]

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Cardboard Box or Xbox One?

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Given the choice of a cardboard box or the Xbox One games console, which do you prefer? Games consoles or cardboard playthings? A cardboard box or the Xbox One? Which do you prefer? In Newcastle, Australia, they have taken undertaken a scheme known as the Cardboard Box Challenge. The challenge is about boosting imaginative play. […]

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Coming Soon: The Cardboard Drone

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ICARUS cardboard drone project already billed as ‘the ultimate paper plane’ Fancy a cardboard drone to call your own? Well, you may be out of luck for the time being as the US Military might have first dibs on this project. The research and development company, Otherlab, have devised a revolutionary form of cardboard aircraft.

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Quirky Cardboard Current Affairs

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A compendium of stranger than fiction cardboard news stories and anecdotes Songs in the Key of Lags There was a fantastic article from The New Yorker magazine about a prisoner who learned to play the piano in his cell. What triggered this was the fact the prison choir lacked a piano of some description. After […]

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We’re Dreaming of a Cardboard Christmas

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With every Christmas tree I make… Have you got your tree up yet? Does your home still look bare with the usual cards, presents and the Christmas tree? We at Romiley Board Mill have carefully chosen a compendium of cardboard Christmas craft clips to get you started. If you read our previous cardboard handicrafts post, […]

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A Merry Christmas to All Our Clients

13/12/2016 by in category News

Romiley Board Mill wishes all its clients old and new a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year We at Romiley Board wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If you have a lot of cardboard lying about, why not take heed of some of our previous tutorials? Thank you for […]

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Supporting Small Business Saturday UK

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For Small Business Saturday, a celebration of Romiley’s small businesses One of the great joys about our neck of the woods is the number of small businesses which are on our doorstep. A short walk from Romiley Board Mill is our town centre. As well as Sainsburys Local and local banks (yes, we still have bricks […]

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A Cardboard Crime Scene Investigation

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How a crime scene could be made possible with a piece of cardboard We have lost track of the times where we have waxed lyrical over the versatility of cardboard. In many cases, as furniture; musical instruments; and adorable toy giraffes. This week, we have learned about another use: cardboard as a lock picking device. […]

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