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Poverty Prompts Cardboard Coffins

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Severe economic crisis leads to the arrival of heavy duty cardboard coffins in Venezuela In Venezuela, the introduction of cardboard coffins seems to be an environmental measure at face value. In the UK, Mainland Europe, and the United States, it has been. For Venezuela, it is anything but that possibility.

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Cardboard Turntable, Stuffed Crust Please

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Five Pizza Hut branches issue cardboard turntable pizza boxes Could this be the best reuse of cardboard second only to the drum kit we mentioned in a previous post? We at Romiley Board Mill would like to think so. Electronics aces Novalia have created the limited edition cardboard turntables as a promotional gimmick for Pizza […]

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Could Edible Packaging Save the Planet?

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Casein-lined edible packaging could cut plastic usage Our industry alone has an impeccable recycling rate. In our previous blog post, we stated how the paper industry has a recycling rate of 89.4%. Compare that with plastic: over 45% of plastic bottles are recycled. How much plastic do we throw out from food packaging alone (take […]

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How is Cardboard Recycled

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A look at how recycled cardboard makes the transition from pulp to recycled boxes Let’s get this straight: half of Britain’s cardboard boxes is made of recycled material. That’s right: the cardboard box you may be looking could well be a descendant of several cardboard boxes and newspapers. Your last supermarket splurge could have come […]

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Could Cardboard Batteries Cut Missed Calls?

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How Mini Power’s cardboard batteries could be good for your mobile device as well as the planet. Imagine yourself a few years from now. You have left your ‘phone charger at home but have an important date to fulfil at the Stock Dove. Slowly but surely, your battery power reaches the cursed 15% mark. Panic. […]

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A New Take on Cardboard Drums

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How a French musician has created a full complement of cardboard drums, including a hi-hat and a pedal Ever wanted to be the next Ringo Starr, Keith Moon or Phil Collins? Fancy paying considerably less than £500 for a drum kit or lack space for one? Obilab Music has an answer. Thanks to successful Kickstarter […]

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Amazon Cuts Outsize Cardboard Boxes

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How the online shopping giant aims to cut packaging costs and help the environment In recent times, Amazon has been under fire for their use of excessive packaging. There have been stories of outsized boxes being used for tiny keyrings and books wrapped up in 30 feet of packaging paper. Taking the biscuit is the […]

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A Cardboard Cottage By The Sea?

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How Wikkelhouse’s cardboard cottage could be good for the beach With the schools having broken up for the summer holidays, many of us fancy taking to the skies overseas. Some people prefer a traditional seaside holiday with sea, sand, and the off chance of sunshine. Beach huts may be available to hire on the shore. […]

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A Cardboard Crib for Baby

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How Finland’s 78-year-old cardboard crib scheme has attracted the interest of UK and US health professionals and parents For progressive social policies, many people cite The Nordic Model as an exemplar of best practice. It is one with a strong welfare state and a supportive education system. Their cradle to grave provision is the envy […]

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A Brief History of Greyboard

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The many uses of greyboard, a material often decried as being low grade You may have come across this material in many forms, mainly on the back of notepads and sketch books. It has been decried as ‘low grade’, yet we cannot do without it. For model makers, it is a boon for scratch building […]

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