Cardboard Recycling

At a time when “Green issues” are extremely high profile we at Romiley Board Mill pride ourselves on our significant achievements in improving our production process to make it more environmentally friendly. We recognise we have a responsibility to the environment and to future generations and must therefore ensure that improving our environmental standards is a priority.

Our cardboard is manufactured from 100% recycled material collected in the local area. In addition to this our products are both recyclable and biodegradable. We consciously carry out our production in a manner which keeps the creation of waste from the process to the minimum.

We are committed to investing in equipment and procedures, which minimise our impact on the environment. Investments such as new high efficiency steam raising plant, to minimise energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Improvements in process water treatment equipment have led to a reduction in water use. In 2008 we invested considerably in an extension to our board machine, whilst increasing the output we achieve from the machine this also resulted in lower specific energy consumption per tonne of board produced.

All of these factors combine to ensure our manufacturing process remains one of the most efficient and environmentally advanced board producing operations in the UK. At Romiley Board Mill we will strive to continue to take our business forward whilst at the same time further reduce its impact on the environment.

“We buy over 50,000 tonnes per annum of waste cardboard, predominantly in OCC or KLS grade and a smaller quantity of hard mixed cardboard grades. Please feel free to contact us to discuss potential for supply in Mill sized bales in Full curtain sided trailer quantities.( We can arrange for collection also)”

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