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Cardboard Tubes and Cores

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There are many different types  of cardboard tubes and cores available these days. In our everyday lives, we often use many products which are contained by a core or tube within the centre. Whether we need to transport heavy-duty goods, such as carpets and vinyl flooring, or wrapping up a birthday present, using strips of […]

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Paper Cores: A Beginner’s Guide

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A look at paper cores and their uses Paper cores: where would we be without them? Our kitchen rolls will unfurl, our postal tubes will go down the proverbial. As for our carpets, they would be ready to roll before we are. Everything will be messy or fidgety.

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Convolute Cores Explained

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How convolute cores vary from spiral wound cores In the field of cardboard tubes and cores, there are two main varieties. The best known one, which we see in many bathrooms, is the spiral wound core of cardboard tube. You see them in use for toilet tissue and roll. They are suitable for lightweight use. […]

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Amazing Uses for Cardboard Tubes and Cores

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Romiley Board Mill manufacture cardboard tubes and cores for a range of applications, supplied to a variety of different industries. You would be forgiven for thinking these products are just used to roll up carpets, tapes, labels, postal packaging, shrinkwrap or window blinds. If you’d thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to recycling […]

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Cardboard Packaging and Its Uses

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The myriad uses of cardboard packaging, explained in an easy-to-follow infographic There are many different types of cardboard packaging produced and supplied by Romiley Board Mill. We supply a range of quality, durable products which are used by many different industries and are produced to fit the customer’s bespoke requirements.

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