z Carpet Poles for Carrying Carpet Cores

Why Romiley Board Mill’s carpet cores are suitable for carpet poles

Without carpet poles, carry carpet cores would be impossible.

Without carpet poles, carrying carpet cores would be impossible.

Carpet poles are an essential product for transporting carpet roles from one place to another. In today’s industries, the need for Just In Time logistics is a must. Part of the supply chain includes warehouses, countless forklift trucks and a fleet of lorries. Whether we are doing our weekly shopping or purchasing a new carpet, there is no time to lose. For carrying carpets, the average forklift driver needs carpet poles, attached to the front of the vehicle. It may look fairly easy to move a rolled carpet around, since they are usually wound quite tightly. However, looks can be deceiving as they are extremely heavy and bulky for any one person to manage on their own.

How carpet poles are used for moving carpet cores

With carpet poles, a roll of carpet can be threaded through the pole, via its cardboard core. Carpet cores can be shifted, for example, from warehouse racking to lorries. Then the carpets are delivered to your local carpet shop. In this YouTube clip by Tigbomb, we see how carpet poles are used to move carpet cores from one part of the superstore to another.

Our convolute core carpet cores play an important part in the logistics of carpet and vinyl flooring delivery. The poles, attached to forklift trucks, speed up the delivery time and save on lifting rolls of carpet or vinyl flooring. They are also known as booms as well as poles. Typically they are telescopic, extending from two to four metres in length. Their diameter can range from 65 mm to 150 mm.

At Romiley Board Mill, our convolute cores vary in diameter from 25.4 mm to 305 mm. The diameter of a carpet pole fits in nicely with our dimensions.

No warehouse can be seen without a forklift truck or three. The same applies with carpet poles, whether in a massive warehouse or a carpet showroom on Peel Retail Park. When you add Romiley Board Mill’s convolute carpet cores to the mix, you have a recipe for success.

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