Polythene & Extrusion Cores

Our extrusion cores are a must for cling film, cellophane, and aluminium foil. It is designed to stand up to the crush strength of various materials.

Why extrusion cores matter?

For modern day-to-day life, you may have come across extrusion cores without knowing it at all. When you open a roll of cling film, or tear off a bin bag, the power behind the polythene is the core. It keeps your bags or cling film in one piece. Though bin bags can be sold separately, the sale of cling film in sheet form is a non-starter due to its nature. Individual sheets will stick together, making your cling film unusable.

Extrusion cores are also good for cables and wires as an alternative to wood and plastic reels. At a smaller scale, string, twine, and thread. What’s more, once you have finished with it, the used cores are recyclable.

What about dimensions and colours?

Our polythene and extrusion cores are available in lengths as small as 5 mm. The longest length we can do is 6,000 mm – about the same length as the stage at Romiley Forum theatre. You can have an inner diameter as thin as 25.4 mm, or as thick as 305 mm. The wall thickness can be as thin as 2 mm or as thick as 15 mm.

We also have a number of standard sizes as well as bespoke options. What’s more, your polythene and extrusion cores can come in any colour with a choice of company logos. If you have any queries, telephone us on 0161 430 6061. We will be happy to take your call.

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