Tapes and Label Cores

We at Romiley Board Mill recognise the usefulness of tapes and label cores. Not only its raison d’etre, but also its promotional uses.

For sticky tape of any description

Imagine trying to apply duct tape or using parcel tape without cardboard cores. Wrapping a parcel is frustrating enough with cardboard cores, let alone without them. The task would be more finicky without a core. The tape would be dishevelled and the parcel would not be wrapped properly. If we substituted parcel tape for duct tape, our DIY projects could go skew-whiff.

Our full colour printing facilities enable us to print your company logo on the inside wall. Another use could be for serial numbers or order codes. Or it could be used to state which kind of tape it is.

For keeping your labels together

Labels can also be kept on separate sheets of paper as well as cardboard cores. If you need several hundred labels rather than two dozen, label cores are necessary. These can be suitable for use inside label dispensers as well as separate rolls.

Whether your labels are designed for postal addresses or for marking equipment, we are flexible enough to accommodate a number of sizes.

What about dimensions and colours?

Our tapes and label cores are available in lengths as small as 5 mm. The longest length we can do is 6,000 mm – almost the third of the length of a railway carriage. You can have an inner diameter as thin as 25.4 mm, or as thick as 305 mm. The wall thickness can be as thin as 2 mm or as thick as 15 mm.

We also have a number of standard sizes as well as bespoke options. What’s more, your label cores can come in any colour with a choice of company logos. If you have any queries, give us a ring on 0161 430 6061. We will be delighted to help you.

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