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We at Romiley Board Mill are able to manufacture core products for carpet tubes in variety of lengths and thicknesses. All of our carpet cores are made from recycled board. This is derived from pulped board, all of which recycled on our premises.

How carpet tubes core & vinyl core benefits contractors and retailers

As carpets and vinyl flooring vary in thickness and length, the thickness of the carpet core must reflect this. A coreless carpet or vinyl floor would be a nightmare to transport. The roll wouldn’t keep its shape: installation would be a finicky affair for flooring contractors. If you go to your local carpet shop, a coreless roll of carpet is sloppy. No matter how thick or aesthetically pleasing it is.

Furthermore, carpet cores and vinyl cores are a must for transporting items, whether from warehouse to shop, or shop to home. Carpet core ensures that carpets or vinyl flooring is kept in a uniform shape whilst in transit.

How carpet tubes core and vinyl core benefits manufacturers

If you manufacture your own floor coverings – carpet or vinyl – carpet tubes core ensures that your product is kept in tip-top condition. Not only for your customers (business-to-business and business-to-consumer), but also for the journey from factory to home or office block, via retailer.

With the option of printed finishes, you could have your brand name printed inside the core. A choice of colours, plus the addition of any corporate logos are available.

What about dimensions and colours?

Our carpet tubes core is available in different sizes with lengths as small as 5 mm. The longest length cardboard tubes sizes we can do is 6,000 mm – slightly over half the length of a double decker bus. You can have an inner diameter as thin as 25.4 mm, or as thick as 305 mm. The wall thickness can be as thin as 2 mm or as thick as 15 mm.

We also have a number of standard sizes as well as bespoke options. What’s more, your carpet tubes core can come in any colour with a choice of company logos. As well as carpet tubes cores, we also specialise in a range of other tubes and cores products. If you have any queries, including information on prices and tubes sizes, call us on 0161 430 6061. We’ll be delighted to help you.

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