A Brief History of Greyboard

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The many uses of greyboard, a material often decried as being low grade

Greyboard Exercise Book by Joingate

Commonplace: a greyboard exercise book. Image by Joingate (via Shutterstock).

You may have come across this material in many forms, mainly on the back of notepads and sketch books. It has been decried as ‘low grade’, yet we cannot do without it. For model makers, it is a boon for scratch building or prototyping. For this post, we shall be looking at Greyboard.

Greyboard was originally made from cereal straw and referred to as Strawboard. It has also been referred to as unlined chipboard, millboard or containerboard. Owing to its origins, Dutch Greyboard. Today, the standardised term is Greyboard, whether made in Romiley or Rotterdam. In America, it is known as Chipboard, whereas chipboard in Romiley, is associated with flat pack furniture.

What is it used for?


You often see it used on the back covers of notebooks and sketchbooks. This is a cheaper yet more robust alternative to glossy covers. Sometimes, the front and rear covers could be made of the same material.

Postal tubes and toilet rolls:

Their economy and robust nature make for an inexpensive option. As little or no printing is required, quality isn’t much of an issue.


For smaller cardboard boxes, the base may be made from greyboard (usually below the lid).

Model Making:

For handicrafts, it is good for making models. Especially scratch built architectural models, as seen on model railway layouts.

We at Romiley Board Mill manufacture our own greyboard. We can also supply them in bespoke or standard dimensions. If you would like to know more about this material, or wish to enquire about our other products, why not give us a call on 0161 430 6061. Alternatively, you may prefer to email us on info@romileyboard.co.uk or send us a fax to 0161 406 6114. We shall be delighted to help you with your queries.

Romiley Board Mill, 23 May 2016.

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  • adam makarenko
    on 22/07/2019 Reply

    I am looking for a grey chipboard (rougher texture than the brown chipboard)..Unfortunately, no one sells it in Canada anymore.. I don’t know why. I use it more miniature building.

    How much would I need to order from you? or what can you do to help me? I have sample pictures I can send you as well


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