A Cardboard Cottage By The Sea?

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How Wikkelhouse’s cardboard cottage could be good for the beach

With the schools having broken up for the summer holidays, many of us fancy taking to the skies overseas. Some people prefer a traditional seaside holiday with sea, sand, and the off chance of sunshine. Beach huts may be available to hire on the shore. Fulfilling a similar need is René Snel’s Wikkelhouse. What’s more surprising is Wikkelhouse’s choice of building material: our company’s raison d’etre. The Wikkelhouse is a cardboard cottage.

The Wikkelhouse is designed for us as a second weekend home or as a beach hut. Each cardboard cottage is built in a factory in Amsterdam with 24 superglued layers of cardboard for the walls. It has external waterproofing and wooden panels on the inside. The standard width of a Wikkelhouse 4.6 metres with a height of 3.5 metres up to the apex of the roof gable. Each house can be lengthened and customised according to your requirements. This is possible with each house built in segments. The depth of each segment is 1.2 metres.

The Fiction Factory’s cardboard cottage are expected to last up to 100 years with a minimum design life of 50 years. The entire structure rests upon a chassis (like static caravans and park homes). Access is gained via a set of steps. Their YouTube clip also emphasises the potential for other uses; not only holiday homes or garden rooms, also extra office space or for use as a rehearsal room. What is also surprising is the weight of cardboard cottage. At 6,000kg, it is 45% lighter than a modern-day double decker bus.

As a seaside residence, Wikkelhouse could be good for short breaks subject to planning permission. The price of a Wikkelhouse depends on the number of segments you require and the transport costs from their factory in Amsterdam. A basic three-segment house, excluding installation and transport costs, is €25,000 (£21,024.82 in the UK). At present, Fiction Factory’s cardboard cottage is only available in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, and Denmark. To ensure the highest quality of workmanship, there is a waiting list.

Would we stay in one, or would you stay in one yourself? Feel free to comment.

The revolutionary cardboard cottage known as Wikkelhouse.

Well and truly cut out for the job: The revolutionary cardboard cottage known as Wikkelhouse. Image from Vimeo.com clip.

Romiley Board Mill, 26 July 2016.

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