Cardboard Giraffes Are No Tall Order

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Romiley Primary School’s adorable cardboard giraffes

Two cardboard giraffes.

Not quite life-size but Romiley Primary School’s cardboard giraffes are taller than their pupils and – possibly – some of their teachers.

It is always gratifying to see used cardboard put to creative use. As well as furniture, desk tidies and spacecraft, toilet paper rolls are often used for cardboard animals. Many of them are small enough for tables, shelves and desks. Putting smaller efforts to shame are Romiley Primary School’s dynamic duo of cardboard giraffes.

Adorning a corner of one of their classrooms are their two giraffes. With one on the right hand side wearing an improvised hat, you could be forgiven for thinking it should have been told off for wearing its hat indoors. They look as if they could be up to no good (perhaps they are skiving from Mrs Roberts’ spelling test).

We admire their handicrafts. If only we had the time to make superb cardboard animals. As seen in the picture, the recycled double act is made up of used toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, and papier mache. Most of which, as seen on the second of the cardboard giraffes, is the Daily Mail.

Keep them coming in!

We at Romiley Board Mill liked the cardboard giraffes so much, that we should consider an occasional gallery feature. You may find some inspiration in one of our previous posts, entitled Five Recycled Cardboard Based Projects.

As well as our post, DLTK’s Crafts for Kids website has a good page on making toilet roll puppets. The Instructables page also offers you another way of making a cardboard giraffe. It looks good, but Romiley Primary School’s put theirs in the shade.

If you’re at a loose end and happen to be sick to death of anything internet related, why not find the scissors? Get the glue, felt tips and crepe paper ready and turn a used bog roll holder into something more pleasing. (Please note that whilst using scissors and glue, small children need to be accompanied by a parent or an older sibling).

Romiley Board Mill, 08 November 2016.

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