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How Cardboard is Used for an Extra Classroom

01/09/2017 by in category Features tagged as , , , ,

Why a primary school in Westcliff-on-Sea has a cardboard classroom block Your schooldays, they say, are the happiest days of your life. For some, eleven or twelve nightmarish years where the mere mention of Harrytown or Werneth sends shivers down your spine. Especially when you catch the 383 or 384 to Romiley or Stockport (which […]

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Making a Cardboard Acoustic Guitar

25/08/2017 by in category Features tagged as , , ,

How to make an acoustic or electric cardboard guitar Some of us have our favourite guitar heroes. It could be Brian May with his one-off creation derived from a fireplace. Or the collected guitar works of BB King, Eric Clapton, or Mark Knopfler. In previous posts referring to cardboard music making, we have looked at […]

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Cardboard Crafts: A Cardboard Pinhole Camera

25/08/2017 by in category Features tagged as , , , ,

Why a cardboard pinhole camera isn’t just for eclipses, but also some striking photographic effects On the banks of the Peak Forest Canal, where Romiley Board Mill are based, there is a lot of scope for photographic subjects. Whether you choose to photograph the wildlife or narrowboats, there is enough to tempt the photographer. Instead […]

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In Video: Cardboard Vending Machines

19/07/2017 by in category Uncategorised tagged as , , ,

How cardboard and confectionery form an unholy alliance thanks to cardboard vending machines Who remembers having a chocolate machine for a Christmas or a birthday present? They were pretty good so long as you knew where to get the Dairy Milk miniatures from after you emptied the machine. All you did was place a two […]

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Boy (3) in Cardboard Unboxing World Record

13/07/2017 by in category News tagged as , , , , ,

Christmas came early for three-year-old truck enthusiast Joel, who opened a cardboard box with a full size Volvo truck If YouTube is your second most watched channel after ITV or Sky Sports, there’s every chance you would have noticed a number of unboxing videos. They are ten-a-penny with people unboxing their recent purchases. Some of […]

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More Tunes from Cardboard Tubes

12/07/2017 by in category News tagged as , , ,

Part Two: percussion instruments from cardboard tubes In our previous post on this subject, we looked at how cardboard tubes are used to create woodwind style instruments. Our last feature showed us how to make didgeridoos, flutes, and panpipes. If you went to Marple Carnival last month, or seen a gig of any description, no […]

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All Aboard the MV Cardboard Tube

22/06/2017 by in category News tagged as , , , , ,

In pictures: the MV Cardboard Tube and its intrepid crew on the Cambridge raft race Another feature of the Marple Carnival weekend was the raft race. This has historically taken place at Etherow Country Park with monies raised for charity. Local teams, including one from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, and the Marple and […]

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Our Marple Carnival Cardboard Coalition

21/06/2017 by in category News tagged as , , , ,

In pictures: Ludworth Primary School’s carnival float at Marple Carnival Each year in the middle Saturday of June is the happiest summertime event on our side of the solar system: Marple Carnival. Hundreds of people line Stockport Road, from the locks down to Hibbert Lane. Some follow the carnival’s floats along the full route, prior […]

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All Aboard the Cardboard Flight Simulator

26/05/2017 by in category News tagged as , , , ,

The Shamir family’s cardboard flight simulator We at Romiley Board Mill are close to Manchester Airport’s flight path, with all manner of jet and turboprop aircraft enroute to Ringway or further afield. We take the joys of long distance air travel for granted with better deals for a flight to Houston than a train ticket […]

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Monami Ohno’s Cardboard Handicrafts

25/05/2017 by in category News tagged as , , , ,

A look at Monami Ohno’s highly detailed cardboard models Meet Monani Ohno. She makes models out of cardboard. Not just any old models using our favoured material. These cardboard handicrafts are highly detailed ones that range from beer cans to the Delorean DMC-12 car from Back to the Future. Anything like the triceratops (the Shutterstock […]

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