Cardboard Homes for Cats?

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Blue Cross’ Estate Agents for Cats, with cardboard homes for sale

Cardboard homes for cats

A kitty condominium or a feline flat? The Blue Cross’ estate agents for cats was open for business at the end of April. Image by Yamix (via Shutterstock).

Many cat owners may agree on one thing: their feline friends love cardboard.  Cardboard boxes test the curiosity of the average cat.  With this in mind, the Blue Cross animal charity went one better in London.  As part of a fundraising initiative, they opened an estate agents for cats – selling cardboard homes.

The average cat may be satisfied with a bog-standard cardboard box.  Blue Cross’ properties were designed to look like real homes.  Some resembled Georgian palaces.  There was even a cardboard Taj Mahal – suitable for discerning tabbies.

The pop-up shop on 81 Leonard Street in London was open from the 26 – 29 April for viewing the properties.  This was followed by a silent auction which continued till the 05 May.  Besides raising money for the Blue Cross, the cardboard homes were part of a wider initiative.  That of wellbeing and mental health in cats – feline good in other words.

Each property was designed by cat lovers, journalists, bloggers, and schoolchildren.  The Blue Cross’ Head of Animal Behaviour, Ryan Neile said: “Cats are very inquisitive and love to explore new things, so most won’t hesitate to jump inside a cardboard box. Owners often provide cardboard boxes for kittens to climb and play on and jump in and these early experiences create an affection for boxes in later life.

“Cats also love to hide and feel safe and secure, they will often seek out dark nooks and crannies with high sides.”

If Blue Cross wishes to organise a similar event in Romiley or Stockport, we’ll be first in the queue for a Tortoiseshell terraced house.  Or a semi-detached cardboard house for a shorthair bicolour.

Romiley Board Mill, 08 June 2017.

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