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Part One: How cardboard tubes can be used for woodwind style musical instruments

Cardboard Tubes Panpipes Delealvfer

In descending order of size, cardboard tubes can make a good set of panpipes. Image by Delealvfer (via Shutterstock).

It goes without saying the devil not only has the best tunes, but also the best cardboard tubes.  Besides their merits in packaging, they can also make for good musical instruments.  Especially if you’re on a budget and cannot afford Dawsons prices in Stockport town centre.  Even Phil Collins and Ringo Starr had to begin with a cardboard box before becoming accomplished drummers!

There’s nothing like a bit of cacophony as a stress relief tool.  Or as a bit of inspiration from the street bands seen at Marple Carnival half way through June.  Today’s post could be the artefact you seek.  We have already focused on cardboard drum kits, though not yet focused on cardboard tubes as musical instruments.  So, get the scissors and glue ready, scour the house for cardboard tubes, and make some noise.


For about 10 minutes in 1995, you couldn’t move for panpipes CDs in Woolworths, Boots, or possibly on the jukebox at The Stock Dove.  The Exploratorium website enables you to annoy your neighbours or try to reproduce the soothing sounds of panpipe music.  Whether you wish to play Cavatina from The Deer Hunter or The Fast Food Song is down to you.


The traditional Aboriginal instrument can be made from cardboard tubes, with kitchen roll and toilet roll tubes the best ones to go for.  These are best joined together.  On, their useful guide shows you how to make your didgeridoo, and decorate it to an Aboriginal style.


The flute is a joyous instrument, especially if you are well versed with the works of James Galway or Jethro Tull.  Once again, our friends on have come up with a dainty guide.  As for the kind of cardboard tubes, a used kitchen roll tube should do the trick.

Romiley Board Mill, 16 June 2017.

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