A Cardboard Maze That’s Cool For Cats

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Why Chris Poole made a cardboard maze for his cats

Marmalade cardboard maze film screenshot.

A-mew-sing: Marmalade seems to like the cardboard maze, as seen in the YouTube clip (via the Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel).

A wee while ago, we at Romiley Board Mill looked at how the Blue Cross opened its first estate agent for cats in London. This was for a charitable cause, with a number of adorable cat homes and feline flats made of cardboard. Over in Chicago, Chris Poole turned to Hampton Court for inspiration, with a cardboard maze.

The 08 August was a special day for the world’s cat owners. It was International Cat Day, a worldwide celebration of the feline kind. As well as being a dependable, yet independent companion, cats never fail to surprise us, make us laugh, or ‘tell us’ when they’ve caught something they shouldn’t have (like a bird). To celebrate this special day, cat owner Christopher Poole built a maze for his two cats, Cole and Marmalade.

His cardboard maze comprises of 50 boxes. Some of the boxes had cat treats for his two feline friends. Chris’ latest video clip, seen below, has been watched by nearly a million viewers so far.

The antics of Cole and Marmalade – with and without cardboard boxes – have over 600,000 subscribers. There is a mix of humorous clips as well as popular science features. How we at Romiley Board Mill would like to construct a similar cardboard maze for our feline friends, perhaps using cardboard tubes instead. We admire his ingenuity and sense of fun.

As well as a YouTube channel, Cole and Marmalade have their own website. This includes a blog with hints and tips for cat owners, and news of a feline variety. If you love cats as much as we do, this is well worth wasting your coffee break over.


Romiley Board Mill, 15 August 2017.

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