How Cardboard Tubes Have Inspired a Dance Troupe

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Cardboard tubes and their role in the Tumaka’t Danza Contemporanea’s performance of Tubos

Cardboard tubes image by Pingphuket (via Shutterstock).

Cardboard Tubes: the key to Tumaka’t Danza Contemporanea’s Tubos routine. Image by Pingphuket (via Shutterstock).

In our previous piece, we looked at some more ideas for cardboard noise making. It is amazing how cardboard tubes can bring out the best in creatives, as well as their intended purposes. With the amount of noise that our cardboard musical instruments are capable of, they could have been used in a disco or in a gig venue.

Instead of noise (or trying to remake Saturday Night Fever with cardboard tubes), a Mexican dance troupe has taken their cue from Marcel Marceau. With cardboard tubes, Tumaka’t Danza Contemporanea have created Tubos. Tubos uses dance to highlight our concerns about recycling and our throwaway society.

The Mexican dance troupe will be performing at the ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival. This is a highly renowned festival, which celebrates children’s theatre in the South Korean capital city, Seoul. Tubos is one of two shows by Tumaka’t Danza Contemporanea. The other one is Brins, which also uses dance in the expressive form.

Choreographer Vania Duran, speaking in the Korea Herald said: “In ‘Tubos’ we use cardboard tubes to express that the discarded objects can have an unexpected destiny, they will not be destroyed or eliminated, on the contrary, they will redefine their purpose representing new exciting roles.”

This year’s ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival will run from the 19 – 30 July 2017. These will be held in Seoul’s Daehangno theatre district.

Romiley Board Mill, 14 July 2017.

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