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How Cardboard Tubes Have Inspired a Dance Troupe

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Cardboard tubes and their role in the Tumaka’t Danza Contemporanea’s performance of Tubos In our previous piece, we looked at some more ideas for cardboard noise making. It is amazing how cardboard tubes can bring out the best in creatives, as well as their intended purposes. With the amount of noise that our cardboard musical […]

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More Tunes from Cardboard Tubes

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Part Two: percussion instruments from cardboard tubes In our previous post on this subject, we looked at how cardboard tubes are used to create woodwind style instruments. Our last feature showed us how to make didgeridoos, flutes, and panpipes. If you went to Marple Carnival last month, or seen a gig of any description, no […]

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Hive: NBM’s Cardboard Tubes Exhibition

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How Washington D.C.’s National Building Museum’s latest exhibition, Hive, features 2,700 cardboard tubes If you’re jetting off to America some time this summer, here’s an amazing exhibition that’ll appeal to you. At the National Building Museum in Washington D.C., this year’s Summer Block Party will feature three giant hives. The tallest of the three hives […]

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Cardboard Tubes Charity’s Heaven for Crafters

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How Dorset Scrapstore’s plethora of cardboard tubes and other craft materials offer a unique way of reusing recyclable materials If you have been following the Romiley Board Mill blog for the last six months or so, you would have noticed the handicraft related posts. Not least the several uses of cardboard tubes. For many people, […]

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Top Tunes from Cardboard Tubes

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Part One: How cardboard tubes can be used for woodwind style musical instruments It goes without saying the devil not only has the best tunes, but also the best cardboard tubes.  Besides their merits in packaging, they can also make for good musical instruments.  Especially if you’re on a budget and cannot afford Dawsons prices […]

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Shigeru Ban’s Cardboard Bridge

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How a cardboard bridge made of cardboard tubes has wowed visitors and got on well with its Roman neighbour nearby If you’re familiar with the south of France, you will have come across Le Pont du Gard. It is an iconic aqueduct which straddles the Gardon River. The structure dates from 50 AD, which makes […]

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Teatime on a Table from Cardboard Tubes

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How a glass topped table made from cardboard tubes could be a useful coffee table Of the simplest of pleasures in this technologically inclined age, there is nothing more fulfilling than a brew. It gives us some balance at work, or it’s the first thing you do on arrival at the hotel after checking in. […]

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A Bench from Cardboard Tubes

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Forget ugly plastic garden seating, cardboard tubes are the in-thing for this summer Today (not that you would have known given yesterday’s weather) is the first day of Spring. St. David’s Day. Also Ash Wednesday. It is that time of the year when our thoughts turn to lighter nights and barbecues. It’s nearly that time […]

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Where There’s Cardboard Tubes, There’s Brass

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Cardboard tubes as a solid investment? Really? In an age where mobile phones are changed more often than football strips or underwear, many of us take for granted the other stuff we throw out. For instance, jam jars or the cardboard tubes in kitchen rolls or toilet tissues. Instead of chucking out our used packaging, […]

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Christchurch’s Cardboard Cathedral

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How the strength of cardboard tubes is behind the New Zealand city’s cardboard cathedral Never underestimate the strength of cardboard tubes. Over the last month, we have learned about its merits as a construction material for furniture. Today, we have learned about its qualities in building works. On opening in 2013, Christchurch’s transitional cathedral building […]

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