Chimney Demolition Marks New Chapter

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How the demolition of our tallest chimney makes for a more environmentally friendly Romiley Board Mill

Chimney Demolition

Going down: the demolition of our tallest chimney.

A new chapter in the history of Romiley Board Mill has opened this week, with the demolition of our tallest chimney.  After planning permission from Stockport MBC, demolition has begun this week, marking the company’s shift from heavy fuels to natural gas.

Before Romiley Board switched to natural gas, our mill was powered using heavy fuels.  This required the use of our tallest chimney, now redundant.  Over the last few years, we have changed from using one single chimney to that of a few smaller chimneys, powered by natural gas.  This has cut the carbon footprint of our mill dramatically.

chimney removed

Going, going, gone! The chimney is removed.

The demolition of our tallest chimney will improve the immediate surroundings of Romiley Board Mill.  Walkers and narrowboat owners will be saved from the sight of our colossal structure.  It will also improve the skyline for residents who live close to our works.

Therefore, any products manufactured by Romiley Board have a narrower carbon footprint than one produced ten years ago.  For the improvement of our immediate surroundings and beyond, this is only the beginning.


Romiley Board Mill, 03 May 2017.

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