Coming Soon: The Cardboard Drone

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ICARUS cardboard drone project already billed as ‘the ultimate paper plane’

Paper plane cardboard drone article image by HelloRF Zcool (via Shutterstock).

“Would you like to ride my paper plane…” Otherlab’s ICARUS project could be used as a disposable cardboard drone. Image by HelloRF Zcool (via Shutterstock).

Fancy a cardboard drone to call your own? Well, you may be out of luck for the time being as the US Military might have first dibs on this project. The research and development company, Otherlab, have devised a revolutionary form of cardboard aircraft.

Using what is known as an Inbound Controlled Air-Releasable Unrecoverable System – or ICARUS for short – it is designed for sending supplies into dangerous areas. Or for humanitarian operations. Once supplies have been delivered the cardboard drone could be destroyed and recycled.

It is designed to be released in mid air by larger aircraft with the drone acting like a glider. In other words, without internal power or an engine, and augmented with a guidance system. Its disposable nature is based on DARPA’s ICARUS technology.

We think Otherlab’s work could be vital for getting into war zones. With a bit of help from a guidance system and its lightweight construction, this could be The Ultimate Paper Plane.

Romiley Board Mill, 26 January 2017.

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