Cardboard Tube Chaos Results in Bum Deal

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Change of cardboard tube size sees Tesco customers short changed on own brand toilet tissue

Toilet tissue cardboard tube tiff image by Peerayuth Muenbunmee (via Shutterstock).

Soft, strong, and not-so-long: larger cardboard tube sizes in Tesco’s Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue has seen the store chain bombarded with complaints on their Facebook page. Image by Peerayuth Muenbunmee (via Shutterstock).

We at Romiley Board Mill have come across some strange stories in our time. Even the high-powered world of cardboard tube manufacturing isn’t free from controversy. In the Daily Mirror, it stated how eagle eyed Tesco shoppers noticed they were getting short changed with their toilet tissue.

Over the last six months, purchasers of Tesco’s Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue found there was fewer sheets than previous rolls. Whereas older packs had 224 sheets per roll, a pack purchased today has 208 sheets – a 7% drop. The reason behind this? Recent batches have a larger tube. One Tesco shopper said on Facebook “you could drive a bus through the cardboard tube in the middle of the white ones”. Strictly speaking, that’ll be a OO gauge model of a Leyland National single decker.

A spokesperson for Tesco said, “The toilet rolls come from two different suppliers but there is no difference between the specifications. There is a minimum of 220 sheets per roll but they are not always exact. They are more likely to exceed 220 sheets.”

In spite of this statement, some customers weren’t convinced.

How the other brands compare:

For the purpose of this piece, we have looked at similar kinds of toilet tissue to Tesco’s Luxury Soft product.

  • Sainsburys Super Soft Toilet Tissue: 240 sheets;
  • Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue: 200 sheets;
  • Morrisons Softer Toilet Tissue: 220 sheets (average figure);
  • ASDA Shades So Soft Toilet Tissue: 210 sheets (average figure);
  • Cushelle Toilet Tissue: 180 sheets (average figure);
  • Velvet Comfort Toilet Tissue: 200 sheets (average figure).

Romiley Board Mill, 24 January 2017.

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