We’re Dreaming of a Cardboard Christmas

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With every Christmas tree I make…

Cardboard Christmas trees by Mavrud (via Shutterstock).

Rocking around the (cardboard) Christmas trees, and a Happy Holiday… For our latest festive post, we look at some last minute ideas for decorations. Image by Mavrud (via Shutterstock).

Have you got your tree up yet? Does your home still look bare with the usual cards, presents and the Christmas tree? We at Romiley Board Mill have carefully chosen a compendium of cardboard Christmas craft clips to get you started. If you read our previous cardboard handicrafts post, our latest post is a suitable companion.

So, forget what’s on the telly for an hour or two, get out the scissors and some glue. Oh, and put some of your favourite tunes on as well.

A Cardboard Tree

This delightful project could neatly accompany your Christmas tree. Instead the coloured lights, they may look attractive on your windowsill.

Christmas Bells

This one makes good use of the paper cups you get from your favourite posh coffee place. A used espresso cup is preferable to a standard sized Americano one.

A Cardboard Reindeer

Compared with the previous two projects, this is probably the easiest one to do. If desired, you could refrain from having the reindeer decked in white with the brown cardboard being a suitable colour.

A Cardboard Santa

Rudolph and Co. would be out of a job without Santa, though we should be thankful that automation and drones haven’t seen Santa collecting his P45. From the Box Yourself YouTube channel, see how a workaday cardboard box becomes a cubist Father Christmas.

A Cardboard Fireplace

Here’s another cracker from the Box Yourself YouTube channel. How else does Santa drop off the presents without a fireplace? This nifty clip also tells you how to add a chimney breast and some cardboard flames from the fire. Superb stuff.

Romiley Board Mill, 15 December 2016.

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