Cardboard Turntable, Stuffed Crust Please

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Five Pizza Hut branches issue cardboard turntable pizza boxes

A pizza box or potential cardboard turntable.

Grease is the word: A pizza box or a potential cardboard turntable? Image by
Leszek Czerwonka (via Shutterstock).

Could this be the best reuse of cardboard second only to the drum kit we mentioned in a previous post? We at Romiley Board Mill would like to think so. Electronics aces Novalia have created the limited edition cardboard turntables as a promotional gimmick for Pizza Hut. Over the last decade, the likes of Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns have experimented with different crust options and packaging design. In the Pizza Hut’s approach have pushed the envelope.

Everybody wants a pizza the action…

The cardboard turntable – the world’s first ever such gadget from a pizza box – has touch sensitive decks, a mixer, and other controllable buttons. It is battery powered, and the gadget can be plugged into a smartphone or a computer. It is also compatible with existing DJ software like Serato DJ. Plus you can scratch, rewind, control the pitch of the deck and do crossfade effects. Here it is in action:

Their cardboard turntable’s roots lie in a previous design of Novalia’s. That of an interactive LP sleeve. Their earlier foray in this field was used on DJ QBert’s Kickstarter-funded album Extraterrestria. Our second clip shows how DJ QBert’s album is neatly folded and packaged with the electronic gubbins.

Novalia is situated in the village of Impington, on the northern outskirts of Cambridge. They have worked on similar projects where the combination of creativity, cardboard, and electronics, have resulted in eye-catching displays. Besides the cardboard turntable, previous projects have included interactive posters. A mix of low-cost electronics and conductive ink (in the company’s words) ‘brings print to life’. We think it might go well with the cardboard drum kit.

Over in America…

Pizza Hut hasn’t gone for the electronics but their next trick will be just as quirky. They are going to offer a limited edition flick football style box. This will apply to their medium pizzas ordered on the 14 October this year.

Romiley Board Mill, 09 September 2016

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