A New Take on Cardboard Drums

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How a French musician has created a full complement of cardboard drums, including a hi-hat and a pedal

How we wish these were cardboard drums

How we wish these were cardboard drums.

Ever wanted to be the next Ringo Starr, Keith Moon or Phil Collins? Fancy paying considerably less than £500 for a drum kit or lack space for one? Obilab Music has an answer. Thanks to successful Kickstarter funding, Patrick Obadia has created an alternative option. A drum kit with cardboard drums.

What’s incredible is that Mr Obadia’s design is made of cardboard all the way. Not only the drums, also the kick drum and pedal; the drummer’s seat; the hi-hat, tom, and shaker is made of cardboard too. The only things that aren’t made from cardboard are the drum skins and the drumsticks (which are made of bamboo). The co-founder of Obilab, Caroline Cullière, waxed lyrical over cardboard’s quality. She said: “It has a great natural acoustic, and it is an affordable material that can be produced worldwide.”

For years, improvised cardboard drums have been used for rehearsal purposes by practising drummers. Obilab’s packaged percussion instruments have a fibreglass skin to save on wear and tear. As cardboard drums are quieter than conventional drums, you can also add an optional electronic module. These are linked to sensors on each of the drums. Hooked up to an amplifier, they can make some serious noise.

See them in action

Courtesy of YouTube and a couple of kind uploaders, we have two clips to show you. These show the Obilab cardboard drums being put to use. The first one shows the kit being assembled. All of the drums come in a backpack-style box, which is also the drummer’s stool. Another part of the box is the kick drum. In our second clip, we see the drummer giving the Obilab kit a battering.

1. Unboxing and playing the Obilab Drumkit (French language clip):

2. The Obilab Drumkit in action:

As well as full-size kits, Obilab offers a ‘fun size’ kit for younger drummers. The full-size kit sells for €119 (£101.06). Patrick Obadia and Caroline Cullière aims to make learning to play the drums more affordable.

On both sides of the English Channel, a more affordable equivalent of the trombone is available for sale. The pBone, a plastic trombone made in the UK by Warwick Music Limited, fulfils a similar role for budding brass band players. Closer to home, The Incredible Plastic String Band in Mossley, a couple of miles north-east of Ashton-under-Lyne, have exemplified this with their training band. They have successfully gained Kickstarter funding to continue the project, so congratulations to them as well.

Whether cardboard drums or plastic trombones, any initiative that is good for music tuition is a worthy one. Perhaps we should give Obilab a bell and order our set. Maybe do a YouTube clip as well – bath of baked beans, model railway or gorilla outfit optional.

Romiley Board Mill, 02 August 2016.

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