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Making a Cardboard Acoustic Guitar

25/08/2017 by in category Features tagged as , , ,

How to make an acoustic or electric cardboard guitar Some of us have our favourite guitar heroes. It could be Brian May with his one-off creation derived from a fireplace. Or the collected guitar works of BB King, Eric Clapton, or Mark Knopfler. In previous posts referring to cardboard music making, we have looked at […]

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More Tunes from Cardboard Tubes

12/07/2017 by in category News tagged as , , ,

Part Two: percussion instruments from cardboard tubes In our previous post on this subject, we looked at how cardboard tubes are used to create woodwind style instruments. Our last feature showed us how to make didgeridoos, flutes, and panpipes. If you went to Marple Carnival last month, or seen a gig of any description, no […]

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Top Tunes from Cardboard Tubes

20/06/2017 by in category Products tagged as , , , ,

Part One: How cardboard tubes can be used for woodwind style musical instruments It goes without saying the devil not only has the best tunes, but also the best cardboard tubes.  Besides their merits in packaging, they can also make for good musical instruments.  Especially if you’re on a budget and cannot afford Dawsons prices […]

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A New Take on Cardboard Drums

08/08/2016 by in category News tagged as , , , , ,

How a French musician has created a full complement of cardboard drums, including a hi-hat and a pedal Ever wanted to be the next Ringo Starr, Keith Moon or Phil Collins? Fancy paying considerably less than £500 for a drum kit or lack space for one? Obilab Music has an answer. Thanks to successful Kickstarter […]

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