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How is Cardboard Recycled

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A look at how recycled cardboard makes the transition from pulp to recycled boxes Let’s get this straight: half of Britain’s cardboard boxes is made of recycled material. That’s right: the cardboard box you may be looking could well be a descendant of several cardboard boxes and newspapers. Your last supermarket splurge could have come […]

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Amazon Cuts Outsize Cardboard Boxes

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How the online shopping giant aims to cut packaging costs and help the environment In recent times, Amazon has been under fire for their use of excessive packaging. There have been stories of outsized boxes being used for tiny keyrings and books wrapped up in 30 feet of packaging paper. Taking the biscuit is the […]

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A Brief Look at Cardboard Manufacture

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How Cardboard Took the World By Storm Take a trip to your nearest supermarket. Try to imagine how the shelves would look without cardboard boxes. Imagine seeing your cereals, washing powder, dishwasher tablets or ready meals, without the joys of cardboard. Today, it is an absolute must, not only for the customer but also for […]

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