Would You Buy a Cardboard Desk?

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A look at aiBox Design’s cardboard desk

Cardboard desk man image by Elnur.

Could aiBox Design’s creation be the answer? This gentleman is in dire need of a good desk for perpendicular paperwork. Their cardboard desk might fit the bill. Image by Elnur (via Shutterstock).

In the last weekend, the Black Friday sales may have sent us scurrying towards the websites or the Peel Retail Park. If you chose the latter, it was your typical run-of-the-mill traffic clogged affair from Bents Lane to the Portwood roundabout. Or you could have gone to IKEA in Ashton-under-Lyne for a new desk. Instead of Mikhael, Billy or Benno, aiBox Design have come with a cardboard alternative. A cardboard desk that supports up to 85kg weight.

85kg supports a flat screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, base unit and a mug of tea quite easily. The cardboard desk weighs 6.5kg, which is about the same as a modern iMac computer. What’s more, no tools are required and, quoting from their website, self assembly “doesn’t require a University degree in Swedish engineering” (no prizes for guessing who they are referring to).

The cardboard desk is also waterproof. Its kraft board can be wiped down without marking or making the desk unusable. Global shipping options are available and the desk is yours for £129. Its developers, aiBox Design, of Cardiff, also design other office furniture – in cardboard form of course. At present, these are:

  • A Standing Desk Converter: a cardboard desk converter that turns any office desk into a stand up workstation (£19);
  • A cardboard round stool/chair: ideal for temporary furniture, for use at special events (£11.90);
  • Child’s table and chair set: minimal assembly required – just fold (£49);
  • Cardboard stacked shelving: cube style, similar to IKEA’s Besta and Kallax shelving units (£27.90).

Would we have one in our office? Appropriately we should. Will you?

Romiley Board Mill, 28 November 2016.

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