Have Yourself a Cardboard Christmas

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Five ways to celebrate Christmas with cardboard

We're dreaming of a cardboard Christmas.

We’re dreaming of a cardboard Christmas… Image by Sidarta (via Shutterstock).

Cardboard is something we tend to see plenty of at Christmas. A lot of it is thrown away and sticking out of the blue bin before collection day. Everything from the latest toy to a selection of after shaves or perfumes isn’t immune.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Some people take delight in playing with the cardboard box rather than their presents. Our latest blog post demonstrates that you have your Christmas cake and eat it.

1. A cardboard boom box

In times of old, one of the greatest joys about Christmas was the double edition of Top of the Pops and listening to the Christmas Number One. You can almost do the same with Suck UK’s cardboard radio and MP3 speaker. Just add four AA batteries then a line-out lead, and your mobile device. Supposing you have loaded your Yuletide playlist onto your device, you could annoy your friends with Slade, Mariah Carey, and… err, Mr Blobby.

The FM radio and MP3 speaker normally sells for £12.99, just over half its recommended selling price of £25.00. At this time of writing, Maplin have been selling them for £2.99!

Suck UK: http://www.suck.uk.com/products/cardradio

2. A cardboard Santa

Alongside turkey and pigging out on chocolates, Santa Claus is another iconic part of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. So, why not have a lifesize (well, 186cm tall) St. Nick beside your tree? PartyRama are selling one for £34.99 with a hole for your face. Just the thing for Santa selfies before you find something worth watching on the television (besides the soaps).

PartyRama: http://www.partyrama.co.uk/father-christmas-stand-in-186cm-lifesize-cardboard-cutout/

3. Gold paper plates

Though Downton Abbey’s last episode was in 2015, you can enjoy your turkey butties a la Lady Grantham with Hobby Craft’s eight pack of gold paper plates. Feel like the King or Queen of the castle with this novel way of enjoying teatime.

Hobby Craft: http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/gold-paper-plates-8-pack/607668-1004

4. Some emergency chairs

Peter Kay fans should know what we are going on about if we mention emergency chairs. As seen in our previous blog post on the stand up workstation, our friends from aiBox Design have an answer to your seating problems. Their cardboard round stools are suitable for temporary seating when you’ve got guests coming round. The sturdy cardboard stools can support anyone who weighs 85kg or less.
aiBox Design: https://aibox.co.uk/cardboard-round-stool/

5. Make your own board games

Over Christmas, there is one other thing which brings families together at this time of the year. A good board game. You could play the usual favourites like Monopoly, Cluedo, or Guess Who? Why not be different and create your own board game?

The excellent Instructables website has a page on making your own board from cardboard. Then you could consider creating your own board game. For example, a race game detailing a bus, train, or car journey. Maybe a board game with squares rather than a spiral path.

Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/Folding-Game-Board/

Romiley Board Mill, 30 November 2016.

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