Cardboard Packaging and Its Uses

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The myriad uses of cardboard packaging, explained in an easy-to-follow infographic

There are many different types of cardboard packaging produced and supplied by Romiley Board Mill. We supply a range of quality, durable products which are used by many different industries and are produced to fit the customer’s bespoke requirements.

Our cardboard tubes and cores are used for postal and packaging whilst our cores can be used for shrink wrapping or textiles and roller blinds. We also specialise in manufacturing cardboard edge protection for preventing any damage of goods whilst in transit or from any adverse weather conditions.

We also specialise in supplying cardboard sheets and slip sheets which are used in an endless range of products and in many different sectors.

Check out our handy infographic below for an overview of our cardboard packaging range and the different uses:

Cardboard Packaging & its Uses

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Where would we be without cardboard packaging?

We would be at a loss without cardboard tubes, cores, and boxes. Wooden boxes, though reusable, are heavy. Weight is a major issue when carrying your goods over great distances. Cardboard has the durability of wood, though wins over wood in the weight department. It is also biodegradable; once used, cardboard boxes can either be reused or pulped for re-manufacturing.

As well shipping goods over great distances, a lack of cardboard packaging makes the storage of foodstuffs difficult. Imagine a ready meal without a cardboard sleeve? The takeaway pizza, by default, comes in a cardboard box; what else would you use? Plastic, apart from being non-biodegradable, lacks the flexibility that cardboard packaging has.

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Please share our infographic far and wide. If you have any queries regarding all forms of cardboard packaging, drop us a line on 0161 430 6061, or send us an email message to We shall be happy to help you.

Romiley Board Mill, 12 October 2016.

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