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Top Tunes from Cardboard Tubes

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Part One: How cardboard tubes can be used for woodwind style musical instruments It goes without saying the devil not only has the best tunes, but also the best cardboard tubes.  Besides their merits in packaging, they can also make for good musical instruments.  Especially if you’re on a budget and cannot afford Dawsons prices […]

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Cardboard Tubes and Cores

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There are many different types  of cardboard tubes and cores available these days. In our everyday lives, we often use many products which are contained by a core or tube within the centre. Whether we need to transport heavy-duty goods, such as carpets and vinyl flooring, or wrapping up a birthday present, using strips of […]

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Infographic: A Look at Postal Tubes

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Why we at Romiley Board Mill think postal tubes are the best thing since… the Royal Mail Since Sir Rowland Hill brought us the Uniform Penny Post in 1840, shipping our worldly goods have increased in complexity. Today’s mail is sorted in vast sorting offices with a network of delivery offices and Post Offices. It […]

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Paper Cores: A Beginner’s Guide

12/04/2017 by in category Products tagged as , , , ,

A look at paper cores and their uses Paper cores: where would we be without them? Our kitchen rolls will unfurl, our postal tubes will go down the proverbial. As for our carpets, they would be ready to roll before we are. Everything will be messy or fidgety.

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Why Customers Prefer Cardboard Packaging

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Why cardboard packaging remains a clear winner among customers There are several reasons as to why cardboard packaging is looked upon in a favourable light. It is one of the few materials that is lightweight, yet has the ability to be rigid. Therefore, it is suitable for carrying items from one room to another, or […]

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Label Cores and Their Promotional Uses

27/03/2017 by in category Products tagged as , , , ,

How label cores have a roll (sorry, ‘role’) to play in getting your brand across Everybody knows why Sellotape or Scotch Tape is Sellotape or Scotch Tape. Ultimately, the product is plain and simple sticky tape, which you can pick up in your local newsagent or a supermarket. They are brands to a point where […]

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Convolute Cores Explained

14/03/2017 by in category Products tagged as , , , , ,

How convolute cores vary from spiral wound cores In the field of cardboard tubes and cores, there are two main varieties. The best known one, which we see in many bathrooms, is the spiral wound core of cardboard tube. You see them in use for toilet tissue and roll. They are suitable for lightweight use. […]

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Teatime on a Table from Cardboard Tubes

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How a glass topped table made from cardboard tubes could be a useful coffee table Of the simplest of pleasures in this technologically inclined age, there is nothing more fulfilling than a brew. It gives us some balance at work, or it’s the first thing you do on arrival at the hotel after checking in. […]

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A Bench from Cardboard Tubes

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Forget ugly plastic garden seating, cardboard tubes are the in-thing for this summer Today (not that you would have known given yesterday’s weather) is the first day of Spring. St. David’s Day. Also Ash Wednesday. It is that time of the year when our thoughts turn to lighter nights and barbecues. It’s nearly that time […]

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Cardboard Tubes & Cores Craft Ideas

21/02/2017 by in category Products

What is cardboard tubes & cores? Cardboard tubes & cores are different types of cardboard which have different usages. Cardboard tubes are used for posting items such as paper, curtain poles, posters, fabrics, textiles and much more. Cardboard tubes are known for being tough and keeping its shape in difficult environments. As they are used […]

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