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A selection of cardboard tube clips in camera

Cardboard tube picture by Worawat Suwanwalaikorn.

Cardboard Core Blimey, Guv! Image by Worawat Suwanwalaikorn (via Shutterstock).

The production of cardboard tubing is a fascinating process. Though a bog-standard written blog post would explain the process pretty well, we think moving image captures the process better. Seen below is a cheap and cheerful compendium of cardboard tubes manufacturing clips.

1. Mandriladora Leiza corporate video

Mandriladora Leiza is a Spanish manufacturer of cardboard cores with a customer base that covers all European Union Member States. They specialise in the manufacture of cardboard cores for cash machines (balance slips and receipts), faxes and adding machines. They work within the textile and paper industries.

Their cardboard tubes are also used for tin foil and cling film rolls.

2. How to Make a Cardboard Tube

If we and the manufacturer in the previous clip considered making cardboard tube by hand, neither Romiley Board Mill nor Mandriladora Leiza would be in business. More than anything, it is a tutorial for making tubes as one-off designs of the handicraft variety. Pretty nifty if you’re making a present or a model.

3. A Cardboard Core Making Machine in Action

Courtesy of Ruian Chuangfeng Machinery Co.,Ltd., this two-minute clip demonstrates how cardboard cores are produced at an industrial scale. Ruian Chuangfeng Machinery Co.,Ltd., are a leading Chinese manufacturer of paper straw and cardboard tube machines.

4. A Toilet Paper Core Making Machine in Action

Once again, it’s our friends from China who have posted this clip on YouTube. This time, we see another one of Ruian Chuangfeng Machinery’s products, involved in making toilet roll cores. Ruian Chuangfeng Machinery were founded in 2005 and have a host of paper tube making machines. Their website is worth a visit too.

5. A Small Type Paper Tube Machine

For the final video clip of our selection, we look at Wenzhou JinYue Machinery Co.,Ltd’s small type paper tube machine. As seen in the clip, this machine makes thinner cardboard tube designed for till rolls.

Romiley Board Mill, 22 September 2016.

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