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More Creative Cardboard Tube Recycling Ideas

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Other creative uses of cardboard tube, including kitchen and toilet roll tubes Cardboard tubes: you cannot fault their versatility, something which hasn’t been lost on us in original form as well as its recycled guise. What never ceases to amaze us are the wealth of creative ideas. They can form part of one’s knitting and […]

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Cardboard Tube Chaos Results in Bum Deal

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Change of cardboard tube size sees Tesco customers short changed on own brand toilet tissue We at Romiley Board Mill have come across some strange stories in our time. Even the high-powered world of cardboard tube manufacturing isn’t free from controversy. In the Daily Mirror, it stated how eagle eyed Tesco shoppers noticed they were […]

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Cardboard Tube Coffin for Company Founder

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Founder of Industrial Packaging Ltd, Bray, requested cardboard tube coffin instead of conventional one Earlier this month, Frederick (Fred) Norman Lee, the founder of Industrial Packaging Ltd in Bray, County Wicklow, passed away at the age of 97. At his funeral in Redwood Cemetery, he was laid to rest in a cardboard tube coffin instead […]

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A Cardboard Tube Fighting League of Nations?

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Never mind the World Cup qualifiers, you would rather be out ‘duelling’ with a cardboard tube We blame Star Wars. If it wasn’t for any of the lightsabre scenes in George Lucas’ monster franchise, we wouldn’t have thought twice about this at all. As well as keeping our tinfoil or toilet tissue in place, cardboard […]

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The Cardboard Tube on YouTube

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A selection of cardboard tube clips in camera The production of cardboard tubing is a fascinating process. Though a bog-standard written blog post would explain the process pretty well, we think moving image captures the process better. Seen below is a cheap and cheerful compendium of cardboard tubes manufacturing clips.

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