Cardboard Tubes Charity’s Heaven for Crafters

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How Dorset Scrapstore’s plethora of cardboard tubes and other craft materials offer a unique way of reusing recyclable materials

Cardboard tubes image by Pingphuket (via Shutterstock).

Fill Your Boots: if you live in Poole, Bournemouth, or surrounding area, you can buy a bin bag full of cardboard tubes and similar recyclable items for handicrafts. Image by Pingphuket.

If you have been following the Romiley Board Mill blog for the last six months or so, you would have noticed the handicraft related posts. Not least the several uses of cardboard tubes. For many people, this means saving every odd empty loo roll or kitchen roll, or buying a box of empty toilet roll tubes from eBay or Amazon.

In Dorset, there’s another way to order cardboard tubes or the like for handicrafts. Enter the Dorset Scrapstore in Alder Hills, Poole. The Dorset Scrapstore is more than a purveyor of recyclable materials. The not-for-profit organisation runs workshops and offers membership schemes. It started life in 1999 at Kingston Maurward College in Poole before moving to Puddletown, then back to Poole. There was a second branch in Boscombe.

Members wishing to join pay £5.00 per year, and this rate also applies to childminders with 10 or fewer children. Group membership (10 children or more) can join for £15.00. The school rate is £35.00. You can buy a bag of scrap materials for £7.00 (or £4.00 for a smaller bag) and art materials at the shop. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, it is open till 7pm.

With the workshop facilities, there are occasional competitions. Events are targeted at model makers as well as anybody else who wishes to have fun with cardboard tubes. Whether for persons three years or ninety years old, it offers something for everyone in their locality. Now, if there was one nearer our humble abode…

Romiley Board Mill, 07 June 2017.

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