Why Customers Prefer Cardboard Packaging

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Why cardboard packaging remains a clear winner among customers

Cardboard packaging. Image by Myimagine (via Shutterstock).

A blank canvas, but plain old cardboard packaging has amazing possibilities, strength and flexibility. Image by Myimagine (via Shutterstock).

There are several reasons as to why cardboard packaging is looked upon in a favourable light. It is one of the few materials that is lightweight, yet has the ability to be rigid. Therefore, it is suitable for carrying items from one room to another, or one home to another one, several hundred miles away. How many times have we wondered, “where would we be without it?”

Cardboard packaging has better rigidity than polystyrene. It is often used in conjunction with polystyrene, especially if fragile goods are packed. Cardboard is also a lot easier to recycle. In most cases, it can be disposed of in the paper bin. Even in town centres where a new generation of litter bins have three types of waste options (paper, waste, or recyclables). Plus the recycling bins you see in your local supermarket car park.

It is hardly surprising as to why it plays a part in food packaging. Printing is easy, whether complex graphics or company logos. Its flexibility means it is suitable for a set number of sizes or bespoke packaging. Is it any wonder why cardboard packaging is used for takeaway pizzas from Lerwick to Lands End? Its resistance to moisture is one positive aspect.

In addition to the safe carriage of your pepperoni pizza, it comes into its own for fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables can be carted from one place to another and get to its arrival point almost as fresh as the day it was picked. Unlike wooden or corrugated plastic crates, they do not get bruised the same. Compared with plastic packaging, cardboard packaging adds three days to the life of perishable goods.

What else do customers like about cardboard packaging? Well, it is also good for making toys and handicraft type stuff. A good thing to keep in mind during the school holidays. Try doing that with plastic and a pair of scissors.

Romiley Board Mill, 03 April 2017.

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