Label Cores and Their Promotional Uses

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How label cores have a roll (sorry, ‘role’) to play in getting your brand across

Tape & Label Cores

Cores Blimey, Guvnor! we can do plain and branded label cores for all kinds of tape.

Everybody knows why Sellotape or Scotch Tape is Sellotape or Scotch Tape. Ultimately, the product is plain and simple sticky tape, which you can pick up in your local newsagent or a supermarket. They are brands to a point where Sellotape is used in common speech instead of sticky tape (see also Tannoy with public address systems). The difference between the branded tapes and non-label sticky tape is seen within their label cores.

Label cores in this context is used to advertise the fact it is either Sellotape or Scotch Tape. That to differentiate between the leading brands or ASDA Smart Price self adhesive tapes. At Romiley Board Mill, we offer full colour printing services for label cores. Once satisfied with our quote, all you need to do is send us your company logo(s) in a non-lossy file format (for example: TIF) to a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

If the idea of having your company logo on thousands of label cores doesn’t grab you, we can do some blank cores. You can either go for white or choose from a variety of plain colours. You can also turn to us if you wish to display specific instructions or serial numbers on the inside of your tape dispenser. For example: its ambient temperature; also the all important serial number for internal or external reference. Instead of a logo, you could use the core to add your website address and links to your social media feeds.

And you thought label cores only fulfilled one use: that of keeping the tape in one piece. With our printing facilities, they could have a good secondary use. Like raising the profile of your brand or for internal use.

Romiley Board Mill, 27 March 2017.

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