Five Recycled Cardboard Based Projects

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A quintet of projects to make and do using leftover cardboard

Cardboard Projects image.

Fun With Cardboard: our look at five cardboard based projects should keep you occupied for hours. Image by Sunny Studio (via Shutterstock).

In our previous blog post, we finished our piece with reference to our recycling facilities. We at Romiley Board Mill offer recycling services for empty cardboard rolls. On the other hand, you may wish to repurpose your cardboard sheets and cores for other use. For creative endeavours, or as office accessories, recycled cardboard can have a useful second life of its own. This has inspired our latest post.

Most materials and adhesives should be available from HobbyCraft and similar shops, as well as all good online retailers.

Recycled cardboard projects

1. Cardboard Tube Puppy Puppet

Cardboard tubes can be turned into puppets quite easily with little effort. The inner roll can be turned into Punch and Judy puppets or a variety of animals. From the Free Kids Crafts page, here’s a tutorial on how to make a dog puppet.

Why not experiment with different breeds? Add longer ears for a Cocker Spaniel puppet? Why not add a tail to the bottom with some wool or string?

2. Cardboard Tube Superman

Recycled cardboard can also be repurposed as superheroes. Yes, the innards of your Andrex bog roll can become Superman in a matter of minutes. Courtesy of the Crafts By Amanda website, you can do just that. From there, you can download the templates.

The creator of the cardboard tube Superman, Amanda Formaro, has a number of crafty books to her name (available from Amazon and good book shops). For an extra challenge, why not turn a bigger tube into Superman?

3. Cardboard Radio Controlled K-9

The Instructables website is a fantastic source for DIY projects. Not only for crafty projects, but also electronics projects and recipes. It is also nirvana for Sci-Fi geeks; Doctor Who fans may appreciate this awesome project using recycled cardboard. Enter a Blue Peter approach to having your very own radio-controlled K-9.

Steve Gibbs’ project is quite an extensive undertaking. Not only the amount of cardboard, but also its technical side. If you’ve got a spare iPhone knocking about, you can add googly eyes to K-9. An app called Doodle Buddy adds animated eyes to your creation.

4. Recycled Cardboard Didgeridoo

For our penultimate tutorial, this one is likely to take an hour at most. From (their spelling, not ours), you can make your own didgeridoo. The basics should only take a few minutes to do, giving you plenty of time to embellish your Aboriginal style percussion instrument.

The same website also has a musical instruments section. If you’re cut out for gigging, why not form a band with soon-to-be-recycled cardboard for your instruments? Postal tubes make a nice change from autotune.

5. Cardboard Coffee Table

We return to The Instructables for our fifth and final suggestion. Making cardboard K-9s and Supermen can be thirsty work. What if you’ve got no coffee table? How does a recycled cardboard coffee table suit you? Instead of throwing your corrugated cardboard boxes into the paper bin, a massive box could make a good table.

If you haven’t got any cardboard boxes, your local superstore might have a few left over for customer use. After you’ve completed your table, you might want to paint it or coat it against spillages.

Before we go…

We hope the five projects have offered you a worthwhile distraction from the television, or given you a break from your phone or computer. Happy hacking.

Romiley Board Mill, 16 June 2016

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