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More Creative Cardboard Tube Recycling Ideas

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Other creative uses of cardboard tube, including kitchen and toilet roll tubes Cardboard tubes: you cannot fault their versatility, something which hasn’t been lost on us in original form as well as its recycled guise. What never ceases to amaze us are the wealth of creative ideas. They can form part of one’s knitting and […]

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A Toilet Roll Stick Puppet Theatre

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How to create a toilet roll stick puppet theatre with cardboard About ten minutes walk from our base, we have the Romiley Forum theatre on our doorstep. Opening in the early 1970s as part of a town centre redevelopment scheme, it is managed by NK Theatre Arts. From musicals to musical tribute acts, it has […]

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Things to Do with a Used Pringles Tube

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Alternative uses for a used Pringles tube, once the pop stops This month hasn’t been a good one for the Pringles tube. It has been attacked by The Recycling Association over its materials. The tube has a metal base, plastic cap, metal tear-off lid, and a foil lined cardboard sleeve which makes it a pain […]

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Turn Your IKEA Boxes to Cardboard Shelves

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Video: how to reuse the Billy bookcase packaging as cardboard shelves Turning the box your bookcase came inside into cardboard shelves? Why didn’t we think of that one before? In this YouTube clip, we see how IKEA boxes are transformed into shelving space. Other furniture stores’ packaging can also be used. Using a Billy bookcase […]

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Cutting Corn with a Toilet Roll Tube

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No bundt pan? A saucepan and a toilet roll tube could suffice   Sweetcorn is one of the most awkward vegetables to cut and prepare. For many people, buying a tin of sweetcorn chunks or eating corn-on-the-cob is an easier way. To cut corn you need a bundt pan, which is also used for baking […]

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Coffee Cup Recycling: A Capital Gain

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City of London Corporation’s boost for coffee cup recycling Since the arrival of American-style coffee shops, recycling disposable coffee cups has been a headache. Apart from the littering, recycling the average takeaway coffee cup is labour intensive. They use cardboard and plastic film and separating the two materials makes recycling difficult.

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A Christmas Wrapping Recycling Test

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Recycling your wrapping paper and cardboard boxes after Christmas Well, there goes Christmas 2016. This year’s Christmas celebrations are almost a year away. Alongside turkey and chocolates, there is one thing we have left over the most. Discarded wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. How you dispose of the wrapping paper is another question itself. Does […]

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Money for Old Loo Rolls?

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Did you know that empty loo rolls can be bought on eBay? Once upon a time, Harrods in Knightsbridge could sell you anything from a pair of espadrilles to an elephant. As to whether they sell the latter, this is highly unlikely due to animal welfare issues. The internet seems to be fulfilling the old […]

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A Cardboard Crib for Baby

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How Finland’s 78-year-old cardboard crib scheme has attracted the interest of UK and US health professionals and parents For progressive social policies, many people cite The Nordic Model as an exemplar of best practice. It is one with a strong welfare state and a supportive education system. Their cradle to grave provision is the envy […]

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Five Recycled Cardboard Based Projects

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A quintet of projects to make and do using leftover cardboard In our previous blog post, we finished our piece with reference to our recycling facilities. We at Romiley Board Mill offer recycling services for empty cardboard rolls. On the other hand, you may wish to repurpose your cardboard sheets and cores for other use. […]

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