Making a Cardboard Acoustic Guitar

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How to make an acoustic or electric cardboard guitar

Cardboard Guitar image by Thomas Bethge (via Shutterstock).

Cardboard guitar image by Thomas Bethge (via Shutterstock).

Some of us have our favourite guitar heroes. It could be Brian May with his one-off creation derived from a fireplace. Or the collected guitar works of BB King, Eric Clapton, or Mark Knopfler. In previous posts referring to cardboard music making, we have looked at cardboard percussion, whether from flat cardboard or tubes. No popular music group worth its salt should be without one instrument: the guitar. On that note, our latest post looks at how to make a cardboard guitar.

The Instructables’ effort

More a toy than a serious musical instrument, The Instructables’ cardboard guitar wouldn’t be enough to turn you into Jimi Hendrix overnight. Nor would it guarantee you a spot at a singers’ night. Still, the basic design is flexible enough to allow for embellishments. Here’s a quick strum for your eyes and ears.

Fender’s cardboard guitar

At the other end of the scale, we look at how Fender made a cardboard electric guitar. Compared with the previous model in The Instructables tutorial, this will get you a gig at The Stock Dove. It sounds like a common and garden wooden Stratocaster, and it was endorsed by the metal group, Linkin Park. Of particular interest is how many layers of cardboard were used in its production. Not convinced? Check out this video clip below.

With a little help from father’s ukulele

For our third item, The Mister Make It and Love It handicrafts site looks at one modelled on a ukulele. Being as acoustic guitars are virtually the same shape as ukuleles, their smaller size makes for a child friendly design.

Six strings of MIDI power

For our final cardboard string based instrument, Bare Conductive offers you a way of turning The Instructables’ and Mister Make It and Love It’s creations into a serious musical instrument. This time with the use of a MIDI interface. It can also be tweaked to sound like a piano or a xylophone, and you can feed it into any device with a MIDI connection.

Romiley Board Mill, 25 August 2017.

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