Money for Old Loo Rolls?

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Did you know that empty loo rolls can be bought on eBay?

Empty loo rolls image by bikeriderlondon.

Best Supporting Role: humble loo rolls are forming part of many a craft orientated project. Image by bikeriderlondon (via Shutterstock).

Once upon a time, Harrods in Knightsbridge could sell you anything from a pair of espadrilles to an elephant. As to whether they sell the latter, this is highly unlikely due to animal welfare issues. The internet seems to be fulfilling the old maxim of Al Fayed’s flagship department store. As well as the usual items (books, electrical goods, clothing), you can be the proud owner of 48 empty loo rolls.

We kid you not, though saving used loo rolls may be more cost-effective. Stockpiling a few empty rolls could be good if you’re planning an art project. If you prefer to buy a job lot, there are plenty of sources.

By far, eBay is the most dependable source for your discarded loo rolls. On average, they come in 40 packs and 50 packs. Some of which are in a ‘variety pack’ with empty kitchen rolls, tin foil rolls, and egg boxes. If you’re in the midst of a mammoth project you can get 200 of them.

Who or what else would benefit from the use of 200 loo rolls? Playgroups and nurseries might do for creative projects.

Who or what else would benefit from the use of 200 loo rolls? Playgroups and nurseries might do for creative projects. Perhaps it may benefit the planet with the cardboard tubes being reused. At least there’s always the blue bin if your attempts at making desk tidies, rockets or model cotton mills go wrong. With average prices ranging from £4.00 (for 40) to £18.00 (for 200), you cannot have a millionaire’s lifestyle on flogging used bog rolls.

Toilet tissue without loo rolls?

If you live in America, Kimberley Clark Scott has, since 2014, sold a variety of toilet tissue without the ‘traditional’ cardboard rolls. This makes for a product which is (billed as being) more environmentally friendly.

Meanwhile, on our side of the Atlantic Ocean, toilet tissue without the cardboard roll is far from new. Toilet roll dispensers in some J.D. Wetherspoon pubs fit toilet tissue that lacks the cardboard cores. For the last 20 years, Britain’s staffed railway stations and trains eschew rolls in favour of loose left toilet tissue, like paper towels.

If you’re of a certain age, you may remember the loose leaf toilet paper they had in the school toilets. That was Izal’s stuff which is like greaseproof paper. Now, that was appalling. Fancy inflicting that on five-year-olds, let alone fifty somethings.

Romiley Board Mill, 20 September 2016

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