Cardboard Tubes & Cores Craft Ideas

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What is cardboard tubes & cores?

Cardboard tubes & cores are different types of cardboard which have different usages. Cardboard tubes are used for posting items such as paper, curtain poles, posters, fabrics, textiles and much more. Cardboard tubes are known for being tough and keeping its shape in difficult environments. As they are used mainly for postages, they are resilient and are trusted to keep items in shape. Cardboard tubes & cores come in different sizes, they are not used entirely for long items they can also store small bottles such as creams or any other items in small bottles.

What can you create with Cardboard Tubes & Cores?

You can create many things using just cardboard tubes and cores. As they are big and durable they are used to create many things from household items to arts and crafts. Here is an infographic showcasing people’s creations using cardboard tubes and cores.




























As you can see there are many things you can make using just cardboard Tubes & Cores. These creations show that cardboard is strong enough to make pieces like chairs, benches and even hammocks. There are many more things you can make using just Tubes & Cores, here are a few suggestions;

  • Pen holder
  • Chairs and Table
  • Shelving
  • Candle storage

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