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How cardboard tubes can make for good hammocks

Summertime is so near yet so far away. If you have a garden, this means sunbathing on patio furniture. Or barbecues. Some of us prefer to have a hammock. Instead of loitering around Homebase on Stockport Road West, we were moved by this alternative. Rather than carting the thing from Bredbury to Romiley (don’t ask us about the traffic on the A560), we fell in love with this creation – made with cardboard tubes.

Hammock of Tubes

Dangling on a String: how a selection of cardboard tubes could make for a deceptively comfortable hammock.

This creation was made at Escola Massana in Barcelona. As part of an initiative entitled Trashfodesign, this hammock, made of cardboard tubes, was created on the 29 and 30 June in 2013. The public presentation took place on the 02 July the same year. Five teams were invited to make things from disposable items. Mainly cardboard.

We think the hammock made of kitchen roll and aluminium foil tubes were the belle of the ball. It is amazing to see how novel and functional the design is too.

Even if we tried to ask, there’s no way they would want to part with their creation. The postage and packaging would have been horrendous too. The Romiley weather would do it a disservice (and there’s supposed to be 80mph winds forecast for this Thursday). We haven’t asked if The Stock Dove would like an all singing and all dancing cardboard hammock. (We’ll leave their possible answer to your imagination).

Well, unless we make one ourselves, it looks likes Homebase again. Maybe ASDA in Stockport town centre where it might be a bit cheaper. Oh, and if we can find any more cardboard furniture ideas, especially items that use cardboard tubes, there’s a chance you’ll find a few examples on this blog.

Romiley Board Mill, 21 February 2017.

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