A Bench from Cardboard Tubes

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Forget ugly plastic garden seating, cardboard tubes are the in-thing for this summer

Cardboard Tubes Bench

The benchmark for cardboard comfort: a home or garden bench made from cardboard tubes.

Today (not that you would have known given yesterday’s weather) is the first day of Spring. St. David’s Day. Also Ash Wednesday. It is that time of the year when our thoughts turn to lighter nights and barbecues. It’s nearly that time to get out the deckchairs or nip to Homebase in Bredbury for some garden furniture. We at Romiley Board Mill have other ideas. More thriftier ones which make the best use of recycled materials. How about a garden bench made from cardboard tubes?

Once you’ve seen one Homebase plastic chair, you’ve seen them all. Today’s image is taken from the Spoonflower website. In March 2012, their employees took up the challenge of building a cardboard sofa. A couch made from cardboard tubes. If you go on their website, the end result is promising – even more so with attractive cushions.

The lightweight frame, coupled with the robustness of cardboard tubes makes for an effective sofa. We think it would be a boon for any conservatory. Perhaps we should have one in our reception. If the weather’s fine, they could be moved to the front or back garden.

In public places, Spoonflower’s bench could be suitable for temporary use. On a fine day, the forecourt of The Romiley Arms would be fine with a couple on either side of its entrance. Could the Friends of Romiley Station be interested (possible seating for the waiting room on the Manchester platform)?

It is also worth noting that the cardboard tubes they used are the variety seen in carpets or as parcel tubes. One made from kitchen roll and tin foil tubes probably wouldn’t have had the same staying power. On the whole, we think Spoonflower’s adorable bench would look well in our offices, especially with a good set of cushions. The versatility of cardboard tubes are pretty endless.

Romiley Board Mill, 01 March 2017.

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