The Crazy Uses of a Cardboard Cutout

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Thinking outside of the box: the less mundane uses of a cardboard cutout

Golden Retriever cardboard cutout image by Kim Britten (via Shutterstock).

Yes, even Man’s Best Friend is available in cardboard cutout form. Image by Kim Britten (via Shutterstock)

In many instances, the cardboard cutout is used as a point of sale device. For example, to advertise the latest film (a cardboard James Bond could be used to advertise the next instalment of its franchise). Or to sell books, magazines and other consumer products.

Thanks to the wonders of digital printing and humorous purposes, the custom-made cutout has also become a thing of whimsy. You could have a life size cardboard Donald Trump in your living room, next to a life size version of your Jack Russell Terrier. In some settings they can be used to show your appreciation of a celebrity or two.

This post looks at some of the strangest uses of cardboard cutouts.

Take it to a hen do

Attracting the attention of the tabloids and the Digital Spy website was Rachel Davies of Southampton, Hampshire. She took a cardboard cutout of Rylan Clark-Neal to her friend’s hen-do. She used her Twitter feed to photograph the cardboard cutout of the 2013 Celebrity Big Brother winner in various settings. Firstly with the reality TV celebrity’s cardboard double in the men’s toilets. Then with another shot of it pulling pints of lager.

After attracting the attention of the Rylan Clark-Neal himself, his reply was pure gold: “Seriously this Rylan out on the hen do has a better social life than I do…..”

Use it as a speed trap

In the last twenty years, the humble cardboard cutout has been used as a speed trap. Most frequently they have been seen on motorway bridges as cardboard panda cars. A story in The Scotsman (07 April 2016) introduced its readers to Pop-Up Bob, a cardboard constable with a speed camera and a radar gun. The life size police officer was hailed as a solution to speeding in the Fife village of Lundin Links.

Have a life size cutout of your dog

Dogs are great, though our canine friends are just as likely to run off with cardboard boxes. In BuzzFeed News, we found that 19-year-old first year student Jake Ostrowski was unhappy with not being able to take his Golden Retriever, Jesse to college. With the prospect of Jake missing his furry friend in academia, his mother came up with a creative alternative.

Eventually, she ordered a life size cardboard cutout of Jesse. This will occupy Jake’s dorm and it also proves that (in most cases) no family is complete without a dog.

Romiley Board Mill, 18 January 2017.

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