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A compendium of stranger than fiction cardboard news stories and anecdotes

Cardboard current affairs robot by Lineartestpilot (via Shutterstock).

Extra Extra…! Our round-up of cardboard-based current affairs. Image by Lineartestpilot (via Shutterstock).

Songs in the Key of Lags

There was a fantastic article from The New Yorker magazine about a prisoner who learned to play the piano in his cell. What triggered this was the fact the prison choir lacked a piano of some description. After watching a TV programme featuring Andrae Crouch, he found out that Mr. Crouch started with a cardboard piano.

Inspired by this, and using the limited resources afforded to him, he made his own cardboard piano. His ‘rehearsal space’ was the bottom bunk of his bed in his cell.

The New Yorker, 26 December 2016.

Crouch’s Cardboard Calamity

On the Daily Star’s website, there was a tale from 2007 involving Peter Crouch. The then Liverpool striker was out go-karting with the rest of Rafa Benitez’s side. He nearly ran over Dirk Kuyt and couldn’t put the brakes on. Shortly after blacking out, he crashed into a load of cardboard boxes.

Daily Star, 09 January 2017.

Virgin on the Ridiculous

Shortly before Christmas, Deborah Hodge, 43 of Bexleyheath, decided to spend Christmas with her favourite entrepreneur. According to The Sun, she decorated her living room with pictures of Sir Richard Branson.

Instead of Father Christmas, a life size cutout of the hirsute billionaire dominated her house. In addition to this was a collage in tribute to the fellow. Still, each to their own, though we preferred Santa Claus or Elsa from Frozen.

The Sun, 23 December 2016.

Romiley Board Mill, 09 January 2017.

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