Cardboard Layer Pads or Plastic Layer Pads?

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How cardboard layer pads play an important part in packaging

Lidl, Nottingham. Image by Besijollen (Creative Commons License - Attribution-Share Alike)

Cardboard Layer Pads in Action: Lidl, Nottingham. Image by Besijollen (Creative Commons License – Attribution-Share Alike).

In a previous post, we looked at how cardboard layer pads are the demigod of the packaging world. We looked at how lightweight and flexible they are. Alongside our cardboard layer pads, there is another kid on the block: Corriboard.

Being a portmanteau of board and part of the other form of cardboard that we don’t deal with, Corriboard comes under a few other trade names. For example, these include Polyflute, Proplex, Correx or Corflute. Are they as strong as their cardboard equivalents? What about their environmental credentials?

Whether you choose cardboard or plastic layer pads, it is their re-usability value where both kinds have equal merits. Cardboard is easy to recycle once you’ve finished using the item. You could even get to recycle cardboard in your own paper bin, whereas Corriboard – though recyclable – might not be as easy.

We at Romiley Board Mill favour cardboard layer pads. Not only due to their ease of recycling but also how lightweight they are. Plus we can recycle used layer pads and create even more of them.

Romiley Board Mill, 20 January 2017.

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