More Creative Cardboard Tube Recycling Ideas

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Other creative uses of cardboard tube, including kitchen and toilet roll tubes

Cardboard tube characters by Sergi Lopez Roig (via Shutterstock).

A creative use of loo roll tubes: cardboard tube characters by Sergi Lopez Roig (via Shutterstock).

Cardboard tubes: you cannot fault their versatility, something which hasn’t been lost on us in original form as well as its recycled guise. What never ceases to amaze us are the wealth of creative ideas. They can form part of one’s knitting and sewing kit, or a child’s model. Here’s a few more possibilities.

1. A garage for toy cars

With the cardboard box’s open end facing forward, you can turn a job lot of cardboard tube into a garage for toy cars. Instead of having them all over the place, the small pigeon holes that are created are good for keeping them in one spot.

2. Whisky miniatures

A shoe box, followed by a selection of used loo rolls and kitchen rolls could be a good place for keeping your whisky, rum, or brandy in one place. With a smaller box, they can fit in your drinks cabinet.

3. A way of organising your wires

A used toilet roll tube can be used to keep your wires tidy. Whether you wish to keep mains wire or fine wires in order, this is a cheap and cheerful method which requires minimal fuss. Writing on the roll to describe each wire type is possible.

4. As seedling planters

With an additional plant pot, a cardboard tube can be good for the garden or for house plants. They can be used for seedlings. With a permanent marker, you can also write on the side of the roll instead of buying plant tags.

5. For your knitting and sewing kit…

They can be used for organising your wool, threads, needles, or odd bits of material.

Romiley Board Mill, 19 July 2017.

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