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How cardboard and confectionery form an unholy alliance thanks to cardboard vending machines


Imagine one of these in cardboard form? A bog standard bubble gum vending machine. Image by Sean Pavone (via Shutterstock).

Who remembers having a chocolate machine for a Christmas or a birthday present? They were pretty good so long as you knew where to get the Dairy Milk miniatures from after you emptied the machine. All you did was place a two pence piece into your plastic red machine and a miniature Dairy Milk would appear at the bottom. Thanks to a collection of clips, you can now make your own cardboard vending machines.

Some of these require some light electronics work and a bit of soldering. Possibly a motor or two to power the machine. The creations are nothing short of awesome.

Oreo and Milk vending machine

Mini Gear’s cardboard vending machines are a joy to watch. Using a cardboard smart card, you place the card into the appropriate slot, and you can get milk and Oreos in no time.

Ruffles, McDonalds, and Pepsi vending machine

With this beast, you can get a bottle of Pepsi, a McDonalds burger, and a packet of Ruffles. As cardboard vending machines go, interesting if you like your burgers cold. You could also replace the McDonalds burger with a modest sized Rustler’s burger from Iceland, and other brands of potato crisps are available.

Coca Cola soda fountain

The Real Thing, in cardboard form of course by The Q. Again with a bit light electronic assembly work, there is nothing to stop you from adding your own drinks. We quite like fizzy Vimto on warm days.

Gumball machine

Remember these bubble gum dispensers you used to see outside the local newsagent? Here’s a cardboard one that is suitable for the home.

Cardboard ATM

To round off our little round-up, it is appropriate that we should feature an ATM. This, alas, does not have space for real money, nor can you top up your mobile phone with it either. It is more for educational and make-believe play.

Romiley Board Mill, 21 July 2017.

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