Cutting Corn with a Toilet Roll Tube

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No bundt pan? A saucepan and a toilet roll tube could suffice

Toilet Roll Tube

A Toilet Roll Tube: the new hero of your kitchen? We kid you not. Image by Juggernaut69 (via Shutterstock).


Sweetcorn is one of the most awkward vegetables to cut and prepare. For many people, buying a tin of sweetcorn chunks or eating corn-on-the-cob is an easier way. To cut corn you need a bundt pan, which is also used for baking cakes. What if you don’t have a bundt pan? There is another way. All you need is a saucepan and a toilet roll tube.

A toilet roll tube, I hear you cry? Unless you’re the unlucky purchaser of Tesco’s toilet tissue, a bog-standard toilet roll tube is the right width and height for cutting sweetcorn vertically. All you need to do is rest your corn on the cob in a vertical position and cut it from top to bottom, carefully. We mean carefully because some tubes are thinner and flimsier than others.

You can also use a shot glass or a narrow cup instead of loo roll tube. If you’re sticking with the least bog-standard option, you don’t have to forage for empty toilet roll tubes from your bathroom. You can also buy clean lavatory paper tubes from eBay. These are usually available in packs of 30, 50, or 100 at a bargain price, which are great for craft projects like the adorable giraffe in a previous blog post.

Sweetcorn by Shyripa Alexandr (via Shutterstock).

Sweetcorn, which could have been cut in half with a little help from Andrex and friends. Image by Shyripa Alexandr (via Shutterstock).

Romiley Board Mill, 05 February 2017.

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