A Christmas Wrapping Recycling Test

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Recycling your wrapping paper and cardboard boxes after Christmas

Christmas wrapping image.

A beautifully wrapped present in tasteful blue wrapping paper: at least until you have unwrapped it and need to decide which bin to use. Image by DenisFilm (via Shutterstock).

Well, there goes Christmas 2016. This year’s Christmas celebrations are almost a year away. Alongside turkey and chocolates, there is one thing we have left over the most. Discarded wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. How you dispose of the wrapping paper is another question itself. Does it go in the blue bin or the black bin? Or the green bin even?

Thanks to a 10 second clip, this could answer your question. For the want of a technical term, we could call this The Scrunch Test.

In this YouTube clip by WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Plan), we find out which wrapping paper should be dumped in the blue, green or black bin. If the paper regains its shape after scrunching, this goes in the standard non-recyclable wheelie bin. Which is usually black or green. If the paper retains its scrunched shape, that will go in the paper bin, which is usually blue.

How handy is that? And of course, this useful tip isn’t just for Christmas. It is also good for birthdays, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Eid al Mubarak, or your little sister’s Confirmation present. This clip is well worth sharing.

Romiley Board Mill, 05 January 2017.

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